Global Competitiveness Report

With increasing globalization, the nations of the world are significantly affected by the happenings of foreign economies. A country has to constantly keep track of the external atmosphere along with internal factors for its survival.

The Global Competitiveness Report is an annual journal to methodically analyze the competitiveness of the developed and developing nations of the world. The report works as a systematic tool to evaluate and assess the productivity of countries.

This empirical research ranks the nations on their ability to offer high level of prosperity to their citizens, and the analysis helps a country to compare itself with its foreign counterparts. Developing nations learn by the experience of developed nations and can pave a way leading to economic and social growth.

India Economic Quarterly

Data is the heart and soul of all the business units irrespective of size and segment. Research and analysis are meaningless and baseless if the data collected is not authenticated or reliable. In a country like India, the challenge is not only the unavailability of data but also a systematic management of the available data.

The Institute for Competitiveness understands the seriousness of the problem and provides the India Economic Quarterly as a qualitative solution. A collection of the latest trends, news and relevant market statistics, it provides interesting and informative insights of various industries across different segments.

A source of analysis and understanding of the Indian economy for business leaders, academicians, diplomats and other market watchers, the India Economic Quarterly is a journal that creates immense value for its readers.

Parliamentary Constituency Competitiveness Report

The Parliamentary Constituency Competitiveness Report gauges the disparities within constituencies, showcasing the direct correlation between governance and competitiveness. This report will also be a handy tool for voters to gain insights into what to demand of political representatives, and effectively measure areas of improvement.

District Competitiveness Report

In order to have an effective analysis, it is important to follow a bottom-up approach in summating the competitiveness of sub-regions to truly enhance the prospects of the region as a whole. Large economies must not behave like a blundering giant, but rather a cooperative series of smaller economies. The responsibility and the accountability of the nation reside at each regional level.

In order to make competitiveness pervasive, it is important to introduce it at all levels of the economy. The District Competitiveness Report evaluates the effectiveness of the various districts, and assesses the performance of various indicators at the district level.

The study provides valuable insights to understand competitiveness at a basic level. It speaks of the areas and sectors that are major contributors to the economic growth of a district and also highlights areas that require major improvements.

India Competitiveness

India stands at 56th position in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competitiveness Report 2011-12. This year, a drop of five places was witnessed in the overall ranking clearly indicating that India should focus on its weak areas and should strive to stay ahead in the race. The slower projected growth rate of 7 – 7.5% is causing India to lose its shine & attractiveness in the global economy.

India Competitiveness Report, as the name suggests will analyze and present the picture of real India. It will help to understand the drivers of India’s Competitiveness and some of the major challenges that Indian Economy will face in Future.

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