Sustainable Competitiveness Report

Sustainable competitiveness is the measure of the responsible growth of a region.  It focuses on the preserving the environment, responsible usage of natural resources, improved standard of living while sustaining the economic growth.

Sustainable development and competiveness has become a key issue for the countries affected by constant depletion of the natural resources and the ecological imbalances. The vast exploitation of the natural resources in the past due to industrial revolution has now raised the issue about the availability of the resources for the future.

The Sustainability Competitiveness Index evaluates how states are able to achieve sustainable growth without exploiting the environment and the natural resources so that they will also be available in future to sustain life.  It showcases the relative rankings of the different states capable in nurturing & harnessing sustainable development in their regions.

Answer to Questions

Q1. What is the position of sustainable development in Indian states?

Q2.  What are the different social problems that are existing in the states that have made the growth socially not inclusive?

Q3. How are the states tackling the issue of climate change and biodiversity preservation with their initiatives and governance models?

Q4. Are the states progressing towards the path of sustainable economic growth or not?

Q5. How efficiently are the states using their physical resources and human capital to increase their productivity?

Key Takeaways for Policy-makers and Corporate

  • Understand the key bottlenecks in the social sector and upcoming business opportunities pertaining in the sector.
  • Clear idea about the environmental issues existing in the states and new business innovations and policies required to solve them.
  • Key Strategies to be followed by the states to progress in the report card of sustainable development.

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