State Competitiveness Report

The India State Competitiveness Report is an annual publication that provides insights into the determinants of competitiveness for states and policymaking bodies, discerning their flaws and showcasing potential. The ideas and evidence present a perspective on the impact of the business environment on competitiveness, and allow governments and firms to acquire acumen in state and national performances. It highlights the pillars on which states can base their decisions and ensure a more progressive, all-encompassing path to overall qualitative improvement.

It is imperative that the indicators used be understood in terms of their impact on the productivity of a state, both in terms of magnitude as well as direction. Some indicators have a negative influence on the competitiveness measure, while others enhance it. It is therefore important to understand these measures, and build upon them for the purpose of the study. From an execution and policy formulation perspective, this approach provides clarity to the choice of relatively important indicators; a virtual Pole Star for those keen to enhance competitiveness.

What states need to work on

  • Providing a coherent economic environment
  • Improve quality of governance
  • Introduce transparency and processes in state finances
  • Increase attention on health and education
  • Formulate strong environmental policies
  • Move beyond national reforms to formulate effective policies at state level

Key takeaways for companies

  • Understand competition rivalry better
  • Knowledge of resources and factors available in each state
  • An encompassing perspective on expected returns
  • Clear overview of potential investment avenues

State Competitiveness Report 2016

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