With India heading towards urbanization and metropolitan growth, cities have become the prime engines of growth. In the rush to be among the top in the growth race, development loses its scope as regions prosper monetarily, neglecting social welfare.

The Liveability Index is a methodical analysis that evaluates the degree of liveability that Indian cities offer. The cities selected are ranked annually on the important pillars of demographics, education, health and medical standards, safety, housing options, socio-cultural and political environment, economic environment and natural-built/planned environment and their 20 constituent sub-pillars. Rather than approach the issue monolithically, the report undertakes a statistically robust splintering of liveability into multiple dimensions.

The Liveability Index identifies the areas where progress is being made and brings forth the areas where we need to be vigilant and allocate resources to achieve balanced development. The mission of the index is to measure significant drivers of the health and wealth of the community beyond the monetary value.

Liveability Index 2010. Download PDF

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Liveability Index 2014


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