India City Competitiveness Report

With rapid urbanization taking place, Indian cities play a pivotal role in the economic development of the country. Our states and nation are nothing but a summation of our cities, thus it is not inordinate to assert that the state of the cities reflects the state of our nation.

The India City Competitiveness Report is an annual endeavor to analyze and evaluate Indian cities and the business opportunities they offer to the Indian economy. The study ranks India’s most competitive cities to gauge their productivity and not only accentuates the competitive strengths, but also focuses on weaknesses so that a clear picture of the present is portrayed along with future prospects.

A look at India City Competitiveness Report 2013

Key takeaways

For government organizations

  • Aid policy makers in improving city productivity through holistic growth as well as highlighted areas
  • Direction to policy makers by proposing policy faults and suggesting suitable measures to the government and concerned public
  • Suggestions for improvements in environmental and transportation sustainability
  • Create a foundation for city branding and development of clusters around that theme through highlighted strengths and weaknesses
  • Pointers on how to formulate business-friendly policies

For corporate organizations

  • Obtain a well-researched market overview before entry
  • Pillars studied provide pointers for firms, no matter which stage of growth business is in
  • Basis for formulating location strategy based on strengths of each individual city
  • Invaluable information to define business growth path/future course of action
  • Important resource for board level strategists and consultants to cross-map information needed
India City Competitiveness Report 2014
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