About the Project

The project was conceived on the understanding that there has been no systematic statistical cluster analysis at pan India level despite the realization that focus on clusters holds the key to competitive advantage. This indicated a pressing need for defining and analysing clusters in India that can help businesses and regional policymakers to make informed decisions.

A multi-stage process was followed to reach the final framework for assessing clusters:

  • The first stage involved interaction with Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness team to gain an understanding of the cluster mapping project, its evolution, principles, and methodology.
  • The second stage involved defining Indian clusters.  After clusters were defined a comprehensive evaluation was done to understand the role of clusters in the Indian economy.
  • The third step involved engagement with key experts and stakeholders to solicit feedback and validation.

Upcoming Reports

The economic performance of regions

Cluster Mapping as a tool for development

Cluster based economic development

Cluster and Workforce Development

The role of emerging industries in economic growth

State Cluster Profiles 

Cluster Reports

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Amit Kapoor

Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness




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