Value Based Healthcare Delivery

Health being a crucial part is important to understand from the perspective of its implementation so that the patients obtain the benefits and gets value in return. This course of Value based health care delivery is a step forward from the Michael Porter’s works “Redefining Health Care”, that focuses on the application of the principles of value-based health care delivery in actual. The program is supported by Johnson & Johnson.

With the huge and wide applicability of the concept, from large multi-hospital to small clinics, doctors etc. the course is being commenced by Institute for Competitiveness in India.  Our objective is to share key practices and knowledge etc.on Value Based Health Care to put Patient Value at the core. The course will provide minute details about the value based healthcare delivery practices from Indian perspective.

Program Highlights

  • Provide details about how to organize the Integrated Practice Units (IPUs) that are shaped around patient medical conditions, integrate the health care delivery across separate facilities and build an information technology platform
  • Answers question such as How to design a health care system that dramatically improves patient value etc.
  • Focus not just on the incremental improvements but on significant improvement that is fundamental in restructuring the healthcare delivery

The course has been in sync with the Health Care Delivery Curriculum that is being taught by Professor Michael E. Porter at Harvard Business School. More information can be extracted from

Course Details

  • It takes into consideration the best practices of various renowned hospitals and talk about the
  • Combined with different case studies and in depth discussions
  • The 30 hours course is divided into 15 sessions of 2 hour each and will be delivered online via Citrix GoToWebinar/Cisco
Who should take?

  • Healthcare professionals, medical boards ad clinical managers
  • Students looking for a career in healthcare industry in India
  • People responsible or working in the area of healthcare

  • Get a better understanding on the fundamental principles of Value Based Healthcare Delivery
  • Learn about Indian success stories
  • Examine organizations and learn how to implement the principles in practice

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