Strategy and Competition

The Institute for Competitiveness’s program on strategy and competition provides practical skills one needs as a leader, to understand and deploy a ‘living’ strategy framework that can help transform the organization.

It is aimed squarely at business leaders from leading corporations and imparts the knowledge and skills to guide their organizations to a new level. The course focuses on understanding long-term success of business organizations by identifying and analyzing past and current strategies.

Both, corporate and non-profit organizations can benefit from this course.  The course provides a strategic focus to a non-profit organization that can help it to frame the choices to determine for whom, how, and with whom it should serve to most optimally create social value.

Program objectives

  • Analyze competitive environment, with special emphasis on shifts in technology, policies and competition
  • Develop new capabilities and tools to analyze strategies of competitors and be better equipped for their reactions
  • Discuss ways to manage growth including internal development, strategic alliances, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Exposure to strategic tools for analyzing markets, profit drivers and functions

Unique features

  • Delivered over a period of three months, while program for a shorter duration can be specially designed for interested corporations
  • Designed with a mix of experience sharing, real life case discussions, simulation games and assignments besides lectures in class
  • Includes extensive project work
  • Certificate of participation from the Institute for Competitiveness

Who should attend?

  • Senior- and middle-level managers
  • Profit center heads
  • Business unit heads
  • Managers in organizations who are currently in roles that require handling of strategic issues

Managers who are looking to move into roles that involve handling strategic issues

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