With the cutthroat competition being faced by companies today, it is imperative to insulate them from the same to recover higher than average industry returns. This insulation can be guaranteed only if the companies have a sustainable competitive advantage backed by a sound strategy that is successfully implemented.

IFC runs a training program in the same direction on demystifying strategy called Rannya. It is an interactive program based upon solid concepts provided by Professor Michael E. Porter, of Harvard Business School in his ground breaking article ‘What is Strategy’, to make top executives understand and imbibe the core of business strategy and to enable successful strategy implementation by facilitating finer appreciation of strategic initiatives by mid and junior level management. It helps top and middle level management executives quickly understand the concepts of strategy and to develop within their organization a long-term thought perspective.

This program is done in 5-6 phases, the total duration of the same being 4-6 hours and can be implemented with minimum 20 participants simultaneously. Apart from sensitizing top and mid level management on strategy concepts, it creates an environment conducive to strategic orientation and inculcates a long run perspective in the executives facilitating successful implementation of strategy. 

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