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A joint project of Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Medical School’s Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Global Health Equity, it aims to improve health among disadvantaged populations worldwide by systematising the study of global health delivery and rapidly disseminating knowledge to practitioners.

Global Health Delivery is a course administered by Institute for Competitiveness that helps to understand the real time issues of healthcare delivery and deals with the practical solutions for the same at the front lines of healthcare delivery. It reduces the gap between the problem, its solution and its implementation in the healthcare delivery. The program is supported by Johnson & Johnson.

The course is specially designed for the Indian milieu by taking into consideration case studies etc. from Indian context but with a touch of an international approach so that the participants are able to get a balanced exposure of the global healthcare delivery.

Program Highlights

  • It will provide a deeper hold on how front-line healthcare enterprises and the low-income communities can benefit from field-tested approaches that are discovered by business management and system science.
  • Focus on business models that will help to gain knowledge pertaining to the apt operations, strategy required and design structure required to deliver the needed healthcare in resource-limited environment.
  • The course will be an interactive platform wherein the participants will get an opportunity to deal and understand some actual problems beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

The course will be conducted in association with the Global Health Delivery Online (GHDonline), a product of the Global Health Delivery Project whose founding collaborators are Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. A look at it

Bridging Lessons: Global Heath Delivery India

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Course Details

  • It will engage participants in analysis of case studies that describe interventions to improve health care delivery in resource-poor settings
  • The 30 hours course is divided into 15 sessions of 2 hour each
  • The course will be delivered online through Citrix GoToWebinar.
  • Participants are requested to have an Internet device with a recommended speed of 2Mbps
Who should take?

  • Senior Management in multinational healthcare corporations operating in resource limited locations
  • People responsible for health planning in a district, state or a country
  • Management student looking for a career in healthcare industry in India or in resource limited settings
  • Anyone interested in innovations for better healthcare at lower costs

  • Develop a perspective on current healthcare concerns in India
  • Strategise efforts for maximum output
  • Learn from health-care success stories in India
  • Develop a mindset important for the successful running of the Organization
  • Bridge the gap between knowledge and practice in global health

Professor Kapoor on the Power of the Network

Professor Amit Kapoor sharing his views on the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University

Global Health Delivery at Harvard University video 1

Global Health Delivery at Harvard University video 2

Global Health Delivery at Harvard University video 3

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