As a specialized research body, the Institute for Competitiveness funds academic research in the fields of strategy and competitiveness in order to encourage and nourish contribution in this knowledge domain.

With the aim of creating an expansive and exhaustive source of information on competitiveness, the institute has financed many independent studies, study visits, conference visits and seed funding from renowned institutes like IIM-Ahmedabad. The research focus of the institute is on providing insights into socio-economic conditions, assessing policies to gauge their implications on the economy and providing futuristic solutions for a better India.

Teams and organizations desirous of availing financial support may forward an abstract of their intended work, along with the profile of the research’s targeted beneficiary group. IFC shall, on run of due diligence, grant the solicited funding in part or full, as per its discretion.

The institute encourages independent thinkers and innovators to approach it with an abstract of their study or ideas.

Research is encouraged on topics related to:

  • Socio-economic conditions and improvements for economic growth
  • Policy assessment to gauge implications on the economy
  • Gaps in the current Indian economic environment that impede competitiveness of the nation on a global platform
  • Applications of strategy and competitiveness on ground, whether in the public or private sector
  • Areas of collaborations between business entities and cities
  • Sustainable development of the nation, without foregoing economic value
  • Effects of strategy, innovation and competitiveness on firm performance

The Institute for Competitiveness remains self-funded to forward radical and productive ideas, independent of any other motive apart from the development and prosperity of the nation, and therefore, believes in creating a funding model that does not support any specific sect, model or thought.

The institute encourages research that is original and can be practically applied to increase the competiveness of regions and businesses, and research that addresses key problems faced by political and business entities.


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