Businesses and governments are operating in an ever-changing environment characterized by intense competition, changing consumer perceptions and shifting technologies. While innovative strategies are the key to survival, many enterprises are bowing out of the race because of the dearth of good knowledge and inaccessibility to much-needed advisory services. The Institute for Competitiveness aims to bridge this gap in performance and competitiveness by acting as a facilitator, knowledge partner and consultant for governments and industries.

The advisory services of the institute are based on the intensive study of strategy, competitiveness, economic development and factors affecting prosperity.

For Governments

Attracting investments:

The Institute for Competitiveness helps regions—cities, districts and states—bring about an improvement in their investment climate by suggesting ways to enhance the economic environment. By applying concepts of international competitiveness, governments can bring about harmony between firm performance and regional development, while improving access to basic services at the same time.

Regulatory analysis and policy framework suggestions:

By undertaking a thorough analysis of the current policy framework, the institute suggests key improvements that ultimately result in a business-friendly environment, and a more competitive atmosphere. The institute can help formulate policies that lead to increased value for all stakeholders, including citizens and business organizations.

Building competitive roadmaps for nations, states and cities:

With clear strategic directions, the Institute for Competitiveness helps governments develop a transparent program for sustained development. The institute specializes in providing a better understanding of cluster dynamics and development initiatives for the purpose of inclusion in overall growth plans.

For Corporate Organizations

Industry analysis:

By following the framework of the 4Cs—customers, competition, context and company—the Institute for Competitiveness helps firms predict industry transformation, especially industry architectural shifts. The institute undertakes extensive and detailed analysis for better understanding of industry dynamics and how to best utilize them for increased firm performance.

Value chain analysis:

The institute offers knowledge on increasing efficiency in every step of the value chain through intense analysis. The competitive advantage of a firm often arises from choices in the value chain, and tradeoffs made thereof, hence increasing the importance of the value chain for sustained competitiveness.

Strategy roadmaps for firms:

At the Institute for Competitiveness, extensive data is utilized for identifying industry trends. Companies can not only benefit from this research, but also by the ways suggested by the institute for fully utilizing this information. A robust roadmap can be created for a firm for segmenting strategically, leveraging unique activities, exploiting tradeoffs, and developing regional strategies.

India strategy:

IFC gives specialized advisory services to companies that are looking to enter the Indian market. Services are also provided for companies that are already present in India and are looking at reinventing their operations in the country. The institute focuses on strategies for investment, country-partnership and an India entry.

Projects Undertaken

Building a Strategic Roadmap for Electrotherm.


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